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Where is G 3
Contributed by: S A J Shirazi, at 8/26/2007 08:27:00 PM.

I am looking for you. Please meet me here!

Explore Pakistan


Nokia smart2go
Contributed by: er, at 6/03/2007 01:16:00 PM.

Nokia smart2go an alternative to tomtom on mobile devices, worth checking out, but why is g3TN dead ?

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HumanML, the Human Markup Language
Contributed by: Virtuous Lady, at 1/26/2006 10:42:00 PM.

"HumanML is a new specification being developed by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS).1 Work on HumanML migrated to a Technical Committee of OASIS after initially beginning independently in an ad hoc Yahoo Groups mailing list. Evolved from the informal practice of using emoticons to improve communication in a world of text-based e-mail, news groups and chat rooms, HumanML is aimed toward a more formal representation of human characteristics (e.g., cultural, physical, psychological, etc.). It is focused on enhancing the fidelity of human communication by providing machine processable subtext through the use of extensible markup language (XML).2 As such, the markup artifacts are buried within the digital document and normally hidden from view much as markup for Web (HTML) documents or those of other applications ( .doc, .ppt, .xls, .pdf, .odt, etc.)."

Read the whole article here: http://www.dmreview.com/article_sub.cfm?articleID=1033534

No more
Contributed by: SHA, at 12/03/2005 11:36:00 AM.

Dear friends, I regret to tell you but my orkut account has closed therefore I am unable to send any invitations.

Ramzan Mubarak
Contributed by: SHA, at 10/05/2005 08:05:00 PM.

Ramzan Mubarak to all of you. May this month bring us happiness, may this month bring us more closer to Allah, may we come out as better muslims and better human beings and may all our prayers get answered (Ameen).

National Engineering Robotics Contest (NERC) 2006
Contributed by: Absar Shah, at 8/28/2005 08:07:00 PM.

Coming again this year, is the National Engineering Robotics Contest, organized by the department of mechatronics, NUST. Last year 72 teams participated, and it is likely that this year's competition is going to be larger, tougher, and more celebrated.

The goal of the contest this year is to build a small, microcontroller based, intelligent robot that can pot balls into baskets. For details, visit their official website.

Intel Envisions ‘User-Aware’ Platforms
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/28/2005 02:33:00 PM.

Intel Corp. has outlined its research in "user-aware" chip and platform technologies that could intuitively respond to the environment.

Intel Corp. on Thursday (August 25) outlined its research in "user-aware" chip and platform technologies that could intuitively respond to the environment.
User-aware platforms, according to Intel, will use a new level of intelligence to manage multiple tasks in an effort to simplify one’s life. "A user-aware platform will be any device that can take care of itself, knows who we are, where we are, and tries to anticipate what we want done," said Justin Rattner, Intel senior fellow and director of Intel's Corporate Technology Group, in a statement.

Source : Link

IBM, Sony, Toshiba push Cell chip beyond games
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/28/2005 02:33:00 PM.

The three companies involved in making the Cell microprocessor have released new details about the chip in an attempt to break its reputation as only being able to power the next Sony PlayStation console.

Sony Group, Toshiba and IBM--sometimes referred to as STI--on Thursday published some previously undisclosed technical specifications and software standards for the Cell architecture, and more documents are expected to be released.
The companies said they are hoping the documents will entice software developers, business partners, and academic and research organizations to come up with new uses for the Cell chip.

Source : Link

Samsung Introduces SCH-B250 Satellite DMB Phone
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/28/2005 02:32:00 PM.

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its fourth satellite DMB phone, the SCH-B250, completing a series initiated by the previous release of the B100, B130 and B200 models.
Samsung's new B250 brings a more compact design and improved features while maintaining the basic product concept of previous DMB phones, which supports horizontal viewing. The B250 is also the smallest Samsung DMB handset to date and is compatible with CDMA2000 EV-DO networks (800MHz).
The B250 is a folder type with pivotal LCD screen which rotates 90 degrees into landscape mode. The B250 follows the same basic design as the popular SCH-V500 camera phone that went on the market in August of last year.

Source : Link

New Web copyright tool to exclude non-IE users
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/28/2005 02:32:00 PM.

Only users of Internet Explorer and a version of Netscape will be able to access a copyright preregistration system slated for launch in late October.

"Other browsers may work well with the version we are using now, but they have not been tested," Julia Huff, the U.S. Copyright Office's chief operating officer, said in an e-mail to CNET News.com. "Because of our tight schedule and resources, we cannot do that testing now."

Source : Link

Intel enters entertainment device market
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/28/2005 02:31:00 PM.

Intel announced on Wednesday an expansion into consumer markets with technology that brings it head-to-head with the likes of Sony and Toshiba.
The leading computer chipmaker unveiled “Viiv” as the new brand and technology platform that would spearhead its assault on the unfamiliar territory of consumer electronics and the next generation of entertainment devices.
The company said Viiv would be launched in the first quarter of 2006 with a marketing campaign and a number of manufacturers signed up to feature the technology in their products.Intel faces serious competition in a field where competitors such as Sony, Toshiba, Texas Instruments and Philips have more experience.

Source : Link

Google Talk
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/28/2005 12:15:00 PM.

Atlast the IM client from Google is out. It is still in beta right now but do check it out. Its simple and fast. Google Talk service runs on the open XMPP protocol. So even though many people will log on using Google Talk, you can also use iChat, GAIM, Trillian, Adium, Psi, or another one of the many great XMPP clients out there.

Source : Google Talk

Google Desktop 2
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/28/2005 12:13:00 PM.

Google Desktop 2 has been announced. New features include:

-- Sidebar, an intelligent desktop panel that gives you continually updated personalized info like your email, photos, stock prices, weather, RSS and Atom feeds, and so on. All of it is automatically customized for you, and ever-more-precisely tailored to your own interests based on how you use your computer. Think of Sidebar as an information valet who’s really resourceful, conscientious and insightful (and whose salary is zero).

-- Expanded and improved desktop search. If it’s on your hard drive and we can’t find it, you might want to ask yourself whether you really need it - and if you do, you might want to download a plug-in, or build one yourself.

-- Quick Find, which lets you search your hard drive to find files and launch applications as fast as you can type.

-- Outlook search and integration. If you’re an Outlook user, this is probably your dream come true.

Source : Google Desktop 2

Google now in even more languages
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/28/2005 12:13:00 PM.

Google is now available in Cambodian, Corsican, Kazakh, Lingala, Pashto, Quechua, Shona, Tajik, Tatar, Tonga, and Yoruba. This launch raises the count of Google languages to 116.

Source : Google Languages

Sign Up for GMail
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/28/2005 12:05:00 PM.

Go to GMail. From there you can get an invitation code sent to your mobile, and with this code you can create a GMail account. Doesn't seem to work at my side. What about yours ?

Sony Announces Walkman Bean
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/20/2005 02:44:00 PM.

Sony has announced a new flash-based MP3 player called the Walkman Bean. The 1.6-ounce player comes in two memory capacities, 512MB and 1GB, and four colors: Licorice Black, Cotton Candy Pink, Coconut White, and Tropical Ice Blue. It includes an FM tuner, but no recording capabilities, and has a one-line display.
We're intrigued by the Bean's claimed battery life—Sony says users will get 50 hours of playback from the rechargeable non-user-replaceable battery, and three hours of playback from a quick three-minute charge. We also like the USB connector, which is hidden in the player and pops out when the door is opened. Though the odd shape of the Bean will make it difficult for users to plug it directly into some computers, Sony thoughtfully includes a USB extension cable.

Source : Link

Smaller-Sized GameBoy Coming Out Next Month Smaller-Sized GameBoy Coming Out Next Month
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/20/2005 02:43:00 PM.

Japanese videogame maker Nintendo Latest News about Nintendo said it will launch its latest handheld game player, the mobile-phone-sized GameBoy Micro, in Japan on Sept. 13 and the United States on Sept. 19.
The company is expanding its portable offerings in part to counter sinking sales of its Nintendo GameCube Latest News about GameCube amid rival offerings such as Sony's Latest News about Sony PlayStation 2 Latest News about PlayStation 2 and Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) Latest News about Microsoft Xbox Latest News about Xbox.

Source : Link

China NetEase Suspends Music Search to Fight Pirates
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/18/2005 07:32:00 PM.

Chinese Internet Web portal NetEase Inc., one of China's three largest U.S.-listed Internet companies, has stopped its music search service because of concerns about copyright piracy, the company said.
``This move is out of concern and respect for copy rights,'' the Beijing-based company said in an emailed statement, quoting cofounder William Ding. The company did not offer music downloads itself and only helped users to find sites that offered free music downloads, Shanghai-based spokesman Jerry Lin said in a telephone interview from his office in Shanghai.

Source : Link

Apple Unveils ‘Mighty Mouse’
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/18/2005 07:31:00 PM.

Apple Computer Thursday introduced an array of new computer and computer peripherals, including a next-generation easy-to-use mouse, in South Korea.
The U.S. computer giant unveiled Mighty Mouse, an all-white next-generation mouse with several innovative features compatible with both Mac and Windows PC users, at the Westin Chosun Hotel.
Apple avoided compromising its single-button simplicity in Mighty Mouse’s design by installing programmable touch sensors on the upper left and upper right sides, which act as primary or secondary buttons, underneath the smooth shell of the mouse, in addition to two side click buttons.

Source : Link

Yahoo Revamps Local Search
Contributed by: SHA, at 8/18/2005 07:31:00 PM.

Yahoo ups the ante today by adding new features to its Local Search. Now, in addition to searching listings by city, the company has introduced user recommendations and the ability to search locally for restaurants, movies and events in specific neighborhoods.
"The future of local search lies not only in offering highly comprehensive and relevant local search results, but in combining those results with community generated content, and Yahoo leads the field in the integration of these efforts," Yahoo Local General Manager Paul Levine said in a statement.

Source : Link

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