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Counterfeit AMD Microprocessors

A report claims the police in Taiwan had discovered a workshop that remarked microprocessors made by Advanced Micro Devices to sell them at higher price-points. It is unclear, which chips have been attempted to counterfeit and whether the chips were also somehow modified. Source for the processors the swindlers used is also unknown. At least one man is reported to have been arrested and accused of illegal handicraft.

The scales of the illegal manufacturing were relatively high: according to the report the police seized nearly one million of AMD chips, either relabeled or not, with value measuring in hundreds of millions of Chinese Yuan. According to the report, the chips were primarily designated to ship into Southeast Asia, however, were also supplied to China and even Germany. It is unknown, whether the fake chips are sold in retail, or installed into PCs.

Remarked CPUs may work unstably, malfunction and probably lack any overclocking potential, a capability that is valued by computer enthusiasts.

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My next pc will have the "real" AMD 64 bit Processor, coz Intel Pentium 4 is just so slow and painful now :(

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  • This isn't really a new problem. This happens all the time. I can remember before the days of the pentium when this was happening. It became really big in the pentium days though. Not many people remember there was a P2 233 not many were ever made but lots of those got sold as P2 333. They ran fine with the OEM heatsink. Hell I ran my P2 266 at 350 no problems. But back in those days all you really had to do was change the text on the cpu and no one could really tell because all you would do is set the jumpers on the motherboard. Now they really have to work on it to get it to fly.

    About the situation at hand, the CPUs are still actual working AMD processors, but the catch is that its firmware is modified to show a higher rating than it actually is. Just like few year back, it was common to find 386 and 486 Intel/AMD/Cyrix chips to have a higher clock speed, and also motherboard's onboard memory (it wasn't expandable then) would show 128 KB of memory even though it really was just 64 KB.

    By Blogger G3nu1n3, at 1/03/2005 06:35:00 PM  

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