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Ubuntu 5.04 Released.
Contributed by: G3nu1n3, at 4/08/2005 08:47:00 PM.

Ubuntu 5.04 (The Hoary Hedgehog) has been Released.

If you've heard all about Ubuntu and just want to get the Install CD
or test the Live CD, you can download it here immediately:


If you want a shrinkwrapped CD we will gladly ship it to you at no
cost. To receive a complimentary copy of the Hoary Hedgehog CD -- or
a handful to give to your friends, your school or LUG, place your
request at:


Ubuntu is a Linux distribution for the desktop or the server that
includes all of Debian as well as most of the packages of apt-get.org,
with a fast and easy install, regular releases (every six months), a
tight selection of excellent packages installed by default and a
commitment to security updates with 18 months of security and
technical support for every release.

Although Ubuntu includes more packages than any other Linux
distribution, only a single CD is required for installation.
Everything else can be selected and installed on demand from the
network. Only the core "main" set of packages receives a guaranteed
level of security review and updates.

Ubuntu gives you a distribution that is:

* absolutely committed to free software, every application on the CD
is free software

* 100% free of charge, and the Ubuntu team is committed to keeping
it that way

* complete with security updates for the distribution at no charge
for at least 18 months after every release

* easily upgradable to the latest desktop and kernel and
infrastructure every six months

* able to run on machines with x86, AMD64 and PowerPC processors,
with additional ports to IA64, SPARC and HPPA under way in the

Hoary Hedgehog (5.04) Features

* Simple and fast Installation

Ubuntu comes on one single CD, with thousands of extra packages
available online. The install is optimised for speed and
simplicity. Ubuntu has excellent support for laptops (both x86
based and Powerbook / iBook PPC based), and can also be setup in a
minimalist server configuration. It's a text based installer for
maximum compatibility and speed, we think it's the fastest Linux
install around.

* Live CD's for Intel x86, AMD64 and PPC

Ubuntu is the first distribution to offer Live CDs for all three
architectures simultaneously. The new Live CD is easy to modify and
update for custom Live CDs with your personal selection of

* GNOME 2.10.1

Ubuntu always includes the very latest stable GNOME and KDE. In
Hoary we have GNOME 2.10.1, which features better performance and
significant theme polish. You might also be interested in Kubuntu
(**), the new community driven KDE-based Ubuntu, that is being
released today.

* Firefox 1.0.2

Ubuntu provides the Wall Street Journal's favourite open source
browser, tightly integrated into the GNOME desktop environment.

* First class productivity software

Evolution and OpenOffice.org 1.1.3 are just two.

* X.org 6.8.2

X autodetection and laptop screen detection have had considerable
updates based on community participation. The binary drivers from
ATI and Nvidia are available and can be installed easily, though
the system will use open source drivers by default.

The complete release notes can be found here:


Hoary can be installed in a minimalist mode designed for servers, or
in full desktop mode. It works well on laptops and desktops. Ubuntu
aims for security by design - there are no network services open to
the net after a default installation, and we have greatly reduced the
number of tools that run with system privileges to enhance security

For more information, you can turn to any of the following resources:

Ubuntu Website: http://www.ubuntulinux.org

The website contains some basic background on Ubuntu, an overview
of the project, information on how to get it, and some
documentation for the software.

Ubuntu Wiki: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/

The wiki is a shared web space used by the Ubuntu community to
develop new ideas for Ubuntu. Anybody is welcome to edit and add
to the wiki.

Ubuntu Mailing Lists:

Ubuntu mailing lists are the heart of our community. In addition
to the announcement list, and lists for users and developers of
Ubuntu, there are now Ubuntu mailing lists for the Dutch, German,
French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Israeli
communities as well as lists devoted to Ubuntu security, news,
translation, and the inevitable lighthearted chitchat. To get more
information or to subscribe, visit:


Ubuntu Forums

The forums provide a web interface to the Ubuntu mailing lists
that many people find easier in addition to the providing a large
number of unique web-only forums. The Ubuntu Forums won an Ars
Technica award for the best free software community in 2004.


Ubuntu IRC Channel: #ubuntu and on irc.freenode.net

The Ubuntu IRC channel is your best place to start for help and
discussion about Ubuntu and the Warty Warthog release. We aim to
keep the signal-to-noise ratio as high as possible on that
channel, and on all community forums.

Thanks to the team of professional and volunteer maintainers who have
worked so hard to bring The Hoary Hedgehog Release to fruition, and to
members of the Ubuntu community, who have provided bug reports,
documentation and translations.

"Ubuntu" is an ancient African word for "humanity towards others", and
we think it's a perfect name for an open source community project. In
that spirit we invite you to join, to contribute and to share Ubuntu
with your own community. Our next release, the Breezy Badger, is due
in six months time. You can help to shape it by joining the team
and contributing your own expertise. See you at #ubuntu on

(*) Array (N) A collection of Hedgehogs. Continuing in the fine tradition
of collective nouns established with the 4.10 Warty Warthog
release, we have called the community testing team for Hoary
Hedgehog "The Array".

(**) Kubuntu is being released simultaneously with Ubuntu for the Hoary
release. It includes the complete KDE 3.4 desktop and login
manager, as well as the whole of Ubuntu and all the k-bling you
would expect from the KDE Community. See the Kubuntu home page
at http://www.kubuntu.org/ for details.

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